Misconceptions about Marriage Counseling

Is your marriage in a crisis? Do you hesitate to go to counseling? Marital counseling is often misunderstood. In my experience as a licensed clinical professional counselor, I have observed that there are six common misconceptions Christians and church leaders have about marital counseling. They are as follows:

1. Counseling is ineffective. Many Christians believe that marital counseling is not effective because it is psychologically based. Thus, couples may be discouraged from trying Christian counseling that might help them and that might make a difference in stabilizing and improving their relationships.

2. Counseling is a last resort. Church leaders sometimes believe that marriage counseling is the final step before a couple makes an appointment with an attorney. This attitude often prevents couples from getting early counseling intervention that could help identify and mediate their issues. Read Six Misconceptions about Marriage Counseling to debunk the following:

3. Counseling undermines marriage restoration.

4. The Bible and the Holy Spirit makes counselors unnecessary.

5. Counseling is a “magic pill” solution.

6. Pastoral counseling is the same as marital counseling.

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