Abandoned by Spouse

Husband Left Me for Another Woman! Question: My husband of more than 20 years decided to leave me. He states that he has fallen in love with a woman who he has been seeing for…

Give My Spouse a Second Chance?

Is there hope for reconciliation? Question: I am wondering whether I should give my spouse a second chance. We are separated because he had verbally abused me. It seems that my spouse doesn’t want to…

The Consequences and Pain of Divorce

How can I keep from falling apart after divorce? Question: Will divorce and separation shatter my life forever? Answer: Dear Friend, Here is what St. Paul writes in the New Testament: “We do not want…

Anger at Work

Question: I don’t really know where to begin… I’m 22. I work at a daycare, and each day I take care of between 6-10 children from age of 7 mo. – 1 year 4 mo….

Protecting Yourself In An Abusive Relationship

Question: I am in an abusive relationship. How should I protect myself? Read the following guidelines and make a plan to handle any threatening situation: Domestic Violence: Safety Plan Guidelines These safety suggestions have been…

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Understanding What Domestic Violence Is “I was for 3 years married to a military man who was violent and abusive after I became pregnant with our first child. He was forever dropping our infant on…

Flying Off the Handle

Ever wonder what you should do when you seem to “fly off the handle” for no apparent reason? Take a look at this article for some helpful tips.

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How Handle Blinding Anger

Here is an email from a member who stuggles in dealing with a parent with uncontrollable anger. Read about their issue and how to deal with the situation in a loving way.