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Anger Management Institute News!

Read the Anger Management Institute February-March News! Live Illinois and Texas Anger Management Training workshops, discounted Anger Management Leader’s Starter Kit, Group curriculum, Individual services & more! Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V

October News!

New Book/workbook for teens, parents and teachers: What’s Good About Anger? Helping Teens Manage Their Anger: In the Home, School & Community. A learning resource for teens, parents and teachers! Listen to this Podcast: Best…

Overcoming Common Relationship Issues

Strategies for Managing Anger in Relationships As we look at relationships today we have to ask: what has gone wrong? From Columbine to child abuse to divorce, we watch as rage, betrayal, seduction and selfishness…

Flying Off the Handle

Ever wonder what you should do when you seem to “fly off the handle” for no apparent reason? Take a look at this article for some helpful tips.

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How Handle Blinding Anger

Here is an email from a member who stuggles in dealing with a parent with uncontrollable anger. Read about their issue and how to deal with the situation in a loving way.