Don’t Waste Your Anger!

What makes you angry? Disrespect, loud noises, unfriendly, self-centered people, put-downs, rude behavior, people who break the rules? Anger is normal and it is an energy which can help you accomplish goals. But, if you…

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Managing Stress through Relaxation

Managing Stress Through Relaxation What is the result of Stress Management? Calms the physiological arousal which triggers the amygdala and thus anger escalation. Desensitizes Individuals to anger arousing effects of particular situations. Learning stress management…

Anger Management Institute News!

Read the Anger Management Institute February-March News! Live Illinois and Texas Anger Management Training workshops, discounted Anger Management Leader’s Starter Kit, Group curriculum, Individual services & more! Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V www.goodanger.com

Controlling the Rage Within

“Controlling the Rage Within” Podcast: How do you respond when a family member or co-worker is rude to you? Do you tell him/her off? Stuff your anger and blow up later? Learn three simple steps…