Child Abuse

How to Help Abused Grandchildren?

Family Crisis- Child Abuse? Question: Our family is in crisis. Our grandchildren are being raised in a non-christian home where there is a great deal of dysfunction, including emotional and verbal abuse. What advice would…

Reporting Child Abuse

Signs of Abuse Warning signs of abuse • A change in a child’s behavior or school performance • The child seems guarded and startles easily • The child loiters at school or friends’ houses; seems…

Abuse Hotlines

Illinois Department on Aging (over 60 years old): 1-800-252-8966 Disabled (under 60 years old): 1-800-3682463 Child Abuse hotlines:    Child Help USA : 1-800-422-4453.  Or 1-800-252-2873: for Illinois residents but they will provide other state numbers.