Why do people become angry?

Clients tell me that when they feel disrespected or treated rudely – they get angry. Often, they experience anger when they feel helpless or when goals are blocked. In the book, Anger Disorders, authors Raymond…

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Sexual Addiction Resources

Overcomers Outreach, Inc: 1-800-310-30011-800-310-3001 FREE; 1-714-491-30001-714-491-3000 Anaheim, CA Pure Life Ministries Sexual Addiction Treatment. 859.824.0870859.824.0870 – Counseling Office Pure Intimacy: addressing online sexual temptation. A Focus on the Family resource. Homosexual Recovery: Homosexuals Anonymous Stephen Bennett Ministries…

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Why did Jesus have to die?

Why did Jesus have to die? That may be the most important question facing this generation. No one can truly understand the Christian faith without knowing the answer to that question. Pastor Ray Pritchard answers…

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Domestic Violence

Anger Management program: online National Domestic Violence: 1-800-799-7233 (safe) International Domestic Violence directory Sarah’s Inn (Oak Park, Illinois) 1-708-386-4225 (24 hour hotline) ILLINOIS COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE resources: Illinois state Crisis line: 1-800-252-6561

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Handling Addiction – What You Can Do

Addiction: What Is The Cure? Maybe you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. Maybe you have a sexual addiction of some kind. Maybe you have a spending, eating or gambling addiction. Here are…

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The Problem of Codependency

Codependency is another popular and overused term today.  Yet the syndrome of codependency continues to cause problems in people’s lives. Codependence means that one person has been so controlled and consumed by another person’s problem…

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Rebuilding Trust In Your Spouse

Working to Restore Trust One of my clients once asked me what it means to trust another human being. She wanted to know how she should react when a spouse or significant other is dishonest,…