Having Sexual Temptations

My Boyfriend and I are Struggling with Temptation Question: Hi, I would like to ask you a question.I am 16 years old. I have a 19 year old boyfriend. We have been together for almost…

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Dealing with Unhealthy Relationships

Lop-sided Relationships Many marriages and relationships are not healthy or happy and far from the ideal of great. Why? Often, it’s because one person in the relationship becomes a giver, and the other a taker….


Jealous of Ex-wife Question: I am so jealous of my husband’s ex-wife. When they met, she was 27, he was 46. She was sexy in every way. I on the other hand have endured an…

Giver – Taker Inventory

Givers versus Takers Giver-Taker Inventory: Check the statements which are true in your significant relationship(SR). Are you: The one who usually calls? ___ The person who feels disrespected? ___ The person cleaning up after other…