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Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Understanding What Domestic Violence Is “I was for 3 years married to a military man who was violent and abusive after I became pregnant with our first child. He was forever dropping our infant on…

Flying Off the Handle

Ever wonder what you should do when you seem to “fly off the handle” for no apparent reason? Take a look at this article for some helpful tips.

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How Handle Blinding Anger

Here is an email from a member who stuggles in dealing with a parent with uncontrollable anger. Read about their issue and how to deal with the situation in a loving way.

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Crisis Pregnancy

1-800-848-Love Considering Abortion? Crisis Pregnancy Centers (hotlines & resource site) International Pregnancy Centers listing Oak Park, IL. 715 W. Lake St., #104; 1-708-383-4999

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Alcohol & Drug Hotlines & Helplines & Resources

Al-Anon/Al-ATeen Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Victorious: 1-800-624-5156 Alcoholics for Christ: 1-800-441-7877 Email: Alcohol hotline: 1-800-ALC-OHOL Alcohol & Drug helpline: 1-800-821-Help Cocaine helpline: 1-800-COC-AINE His Mansion: 1-603-464-5555 (for youth) National Association for Christian Recovery Overcomers…