New: You Can Forgive

When we are working through anger — it always brings up questions about forgiveness. Why? Because anger feels justified. We want remuneration. We want recognition for what we have lost or consolation for how we have been hurt. Sometimes there is nothing anyone can say that will remove the pain we feel or comfort the wounds we have endured.

When we work through anger — we move through many phases… First we identify the wrong or what really happened to us. Then, as we recognize the wrong and the person(s) involved we want to be paid back or maybe even want revenge. We want those people to feel the pain they inflicted on us. Sometimes, we can experience a sort of reconciliation after someone apologizes or tries to compensate us. But, sometimes there is no way to remove the inner turmoil we have or are experiencing. And often others don’t apologize.

What to do? These articles and podcasts and resources are here to help you move through the pain of resentment and unforgiveness towards the light of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the path to recovering from the wounds of anger and resentment. Take heart. Forgiveness is possible! Forgiveness takes time. And it doesn’t mean you are going to let someone abuse you or walk all over you. You can set boundaries. You can start your journey here: The Power of Forgiveness and then, read these articles and podcasts geared to help you take the path of forgiveness!

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