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Alcohol & Drug Hotlines & Helplines & Resources

Al-Anon/Al-ATeen Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Victorious: 1-800-624-5156 Alcoholics for Christ: 1-800-441-7877 Email: Alcohol hotline: 1-800-ALC-OHOL Alcohol & Drug helpline: 1-800-821-Help Cocaine helpline: 1-800-COC-AINE His Mansion: 1-603-464-5555 (for youth) National Association for Christian Recovery Overcomers…

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Anger is Normal

Most people need to realize that anger is normal. It is a secondary emotion emanating from deeper hurt, sadness, frustration, expectations, beliefs, fear, thinking, etc. which need to be explored and controlled.

How Do I Stop Abusing My Wife

How do I stop abusing my wife? Question: I am a male seeking help to stop abusing my wife. I can’t imagine the pain I’m putting her thru all I want to do is find…

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Letting Go Of Anger

Often it can be very difficult for people to let go of their anger. This letter from a reader talks about how to let go of anger.

How To Stop Pornography Addiction

Ending The Pornography Cycle Question: Hi, my name is D. (age 14) and I have a problem, but before we get to that I would like to ask if you are “Christian” or JW’s or…