Controlling the Rage Within

“Controlling the Rage Within” Podcast:
How do you respond when a family member or co-worker is rude to you? Do you tell him/her off? Stuff your anger and blow up later? Learn three simple steps to interrupt anger and respond in a healthy way.
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Controlling the Rage Within

I recently received this Question: When I get angry, I blow up so fast that I don’t have time to stop and think or ask for God’s wisdom. I know all of these things would help, but by the time I think of it I’ve already done the damage. What can I do to help get control of my temper and the rage within?

A: Many of have felt this way. Anger is often a primary emotion which quickly triggers the emotional center of the brain within 1/20th of a second. We are often primed to get angry because we are experiencing== low self-worth, unmet goals, disappointments, abuse, expectations, fears, sin, selfishness , skill deficits, stress and other emotional or relationship problems.

So, what Happens? You encounter a rude family member or a co-worker who is pestering you to hurry up with your part of a project – and your anger immediately rears it’s head in less than a second– increasing your heart rate and breathing. All you want to do is loudly let him/her know how disrespectful they are.  Instead, You might hold your anger inside and then, blow-up later on when you get home. Or you may  decide to just ignore the person. Of course, that won’t solve the issue and your anger will keep brewing .

The question is:  how can you  prevent such an overpowering emotional response & how can you respond in a healthy way to these kinds of triggering events?

Take the following steps
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